Morrisandoswald.com has been launched! On it you can find all necessary information for Morris and Oswald, my short narrative film. Please check out the site and consider donating. Email me at kdg231@nyu.edu with any questions!

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I'm beginning fundraising for my Narrative film Morris and Oswald, a short comedy about two hobos and their fruitless attempts to buy a pretzel in Central Park. The site above will be outfitted with a prospectus and such in about a week, check back for the info. If you are interested in the project or would like to donate in any way, please contact me at kellyg@nyu.edu :D



-->le bien - we don't speak french

back in manhattan; soon to be a major layout change, stay tuned. huge amounts of thanks to dublin band le bien for being generally deadly. check out their myspace for show info, etc.

my upcoming potential project involves two hobos and a kid-on-a-leash. so it must be cool, right? it may even reference those dancing popsicle ads of the 50s drive-in scene. if you're lucky.



-->le bien - we don't speak french

the videos are done! screening tomorrow! back to new york on saturday! more exclamation points! !!!!


10.01.07//gradient town

[update summary]
*watch for kids by kids promo
*watch leaf house

so i've been in dublin for a month, which is crazy. its fun times here, super party town. we're in temple bar, the hip/touristy 35-year-old-bachelorette- party destination, so the number of drunk street walkers and singers and staggerers each night is unfathomable. i'm now well acquainted with the brogue, and the somewhat slower pace of life here. there aren't plastic shopping bags or hummers! there are burger kings and subways though. -death lasers-

othernewswise: "castles" won third place in a student festival back home! i hope it went well, the entries were supposedly pretty high quality this year. and VisionFest2007 just ended, where they screened our FKBK animation as a promo before each festival program. [watch it!]

us music video kids are currently sifting through piles of music to find bands for whom to shoot our videos, i now know how it feels to work for the record industry. we're working with Hot Press Magazine to find the best irish acts we can. in a few weeks we'll have to choose our artists and begin pre-production. it's all rather exciting. :)

and hey! check out "leaf house". [music by animal collective]




back home! the walden variation shoot is near completion, but i had to leave early to prepare for dublin times, which commence august 31st. the main project right now is an intro for the "for kids by kids" festival, part of VisionFest2007. [stills to the right] check it out this September in Tribeca.

this is another k-chop-hip-tron type production; mike is drawing the beginning in colored pencil. i'm really happy with the clay half, and i wish i was going to be there to see it projected. you! bring your friends! it will be screening at the Tribeca Cinemas on September 23rd. be there, or be... a clay square. yeah i said it.

the claymation will be uploaded soon, and the final product soon after, once it is scored and rendered!




i'm in the playroom of a Houston suburb, having set up camp on a tiny fisher-price plastic desk, the blue-and-tan one with the tiny blue chair. it's the perfect first office for acropolis pictures; i'm surrounded by nintendo games and disney vhs tapes, in those puffy white boxes.

the boys are three hours away, scouting for fields and creeks and horizon lines in what is called "the Texas hill country." we start MOS exterior shooting next Tuesday, but the real deal starts the 31st, when we get our lights and dolly and track and recorder and mixer and mics! i'm excited for the latter, of course, because my role as sound wench (mixer, designer) obviously depends on them.

there's something so awesome about making an indie film, something incredible about the scrambling, the figuring things out on the fly, the small cast and crew, the way that there aren't really job assignments and the way that by the end everyone is a producer. because no one is payed, no one is better than anyone else, and everyone believes in the script and the characters. i'm sure i won't be so optimistic three weeks from now, when 5am calls and reshoots and equipment issues are kicking our asses, but that's part of the deal, and it's awesome. :D



lincoln's birthday

i'm on the road soon. or in the air. boys in rochester, a wedding in seattle, Walden production in Houston, semester in Dublin. i should buy some plane tickets.

check out my friend steven smith. he has some illustrations, paintings, sketches that blow me away. seriously excellent stuff. he will be rocking SVA next semester, manhattan should prepare itself.



summer oh-seven
i return to the island today, which makes me sad, because manhattan is pretty right now. 'spermy' is in edit phase one: organizing thousands of cineon files into a coherent order. the animation looks awesome so far, which is good, because pickups at this point would be near impossible.

mike and i are starting rotoscoping and animation for a commercial, which may or may not involve mickey mouse in a car chase. we should open up a studio, call it hipkell or kellochop or hippotron films.



launch of kellotron.com! (use hearts above to navigate)
to any independent filmmakers, artists, musicians, etc: contact me to exchange links.
we've completed production on Spermy (see stills on right); Cineon scanning starts tomorrow! thanks to Nora Brisotti and Tim Wu for helping Mike and I through the most intense 80 hours of our lives. now begins the background painting and after effects intensive.
in other news, we successfully played Wii yesterday with no sensor bar; just two candles on top of the tv. it was fantastic.



      le bien - we don't speak french