lincoln's birthday

i'm on the road soon. or in the air. boys in rochester, a wedding in seattle, Walden production in Houston, semester in Dublin. i should buy some plane tickets.

check out my friend steven smith. he has some illustrations, paintings, sketches that blow me away. seriously excellent stuff. he will be rocking SVA next semester, manhattan should prepare itself.



summer oh-seven
i return to the island today, which makes me sad, because manhattan is pretty right now. 'spermy' is in edit phase one: organizing thousands of cineon files into a coherent order. the animation looks awesome so far, which is good, because pickups at this point would be near impossible.

mike and i are starting rotoscoping and animation for a commercial, which may or may not involve mickey mouse in a car chase. we should open up a studio, call it hipkell or kellochop or hippotron films.



launch of kellotron.com! (use hearts above to navigate)
to any independent filmmakers, artists, musicians, etc: contact me to exchange links.
we've completed production on Spermy (see stills on right); Cineon scanning starts tomorrow! thanks to Nora Brisotti and Tim Wu for helping Mike and I through the most intense 80 hours of our lives. now begins the background painting and after effects intensive.
in other news, we successfully played Wii yesterday with no sensor bar; just two candles on top of the tv. it was fantastic.